Thoughts Upon Waking

Kristen Carbone
2 min readSep 26, 2023

Everyone should have a friend who reminds them to look at the moon.

I miss having nails that aren’t ridged.

Why do I love the silence?

I am hungry for something so much greater than a taste.

How come I don’t feel awake until 7pm?

I long to no longer long for you.

Will I ever be able to honestly say what I’m thinking?

If you were here, this would be easier.

Having children was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I hope to become a magnet for something new.

Perhaps manifesting is going to work.

In this satin head wrap — that’s supposed to help maintain curly hair over night — I look a little like my mom when she was going through chemo.

Some days my heart aches in a way that hurts down to my feet.

I can’t stop asking you to be part of my life.

Tile floors are really never good in the kitchen.

My hands haven’t touched the dirt in too many days.

Apparently, burn out is an inability to picture the future you want to see.

Anyone want to write vows with me?

Being in a home without plants is so strange.

Let’s put our hands together and look into each others eyes and exchange little bits of ourselves.

I am jealous of that couple who is having simply the silliest time together.

Wait a second, can I hear my own heartbeat right now?

I wonder if I know any women who don’t think about their physical safety every single day.

I feel at my best when I’m in the water.

Finally, I know what I’d get if I ever got a tattoo.

Each kiss should last at least six seconds and hugs 15.

If nothing is Real, what are we doing?

I’d like to spend more time fishing.

How will I ever come to terms with how your choices affect me?

Animals, even the annoying ones, bring so much joy.

Recovery is eternal.

I’m preparing myself for spring.

Childishly, I want to get to say “I told you so.”

Many of the things I do are wishes for things I want someone to do for me.

I think of the warning “beware of people in marketing” more than once per day.

Does using will power burn calories?

I wish they hadn’t stopped making your perfume so I could buy myself a bottle.

Why does feeling grateful make me tear up?

Someday I’m going to be off social media, and it’s going to feel really really good.

A year ago I architected the blueprints for destroying trust and handed them to you.

I wonder I if I’ll ever iron this pile of clothes.



Kristen Carbone

Just trying to understand the tiny space I occupy in the cosmos without becoming too distracted by the laundry.